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UreSil is a medical device development, manufacturing and distribution company that serves the needs of physicians who perform minimally invasive procedures. Through innovation and relationships, we provide high-quality devices that improve patient care and reduce overall treatment costs.

Nephro-Cath™ Nephrostomy Drainage Catheter with locking pigtail

  • UreSil’s Nephrostomy Catheter (NCL) includes all of the features found in the General Purpose Catheters except for a trocar, and is approximately 5 cm longer to allow for placement within the kidney for drainage.
  • These catheters are available in two different durometers based upon patient population and need.
  • UreSil has also introduced a longer 50 cm version of this catheter in the regular material to accommodate larger patients where increased length is necessary.
  • Every NCL catheter is available in 8F – 14F diameters and includes the following: Catheter, Metal Cannula, Flexible Cannula and Septum Cap.
Product CodeSize/LengthUnits/BoxStiffness
NCL2-0835HB8 F / 28 cm5Regular
NCL2-1035HB10 F / 28 cm5Regular
NCL2-1235HB12 F / 27 cm5Regular
NCL2-1435HB14 F / 28 cm5Regular
Product CodeSize/LengthUnits/BoxStiffness
NCL2-0835H8 F / 28 cm5Origin
NCL2-1035H10 F / 28 cm5Origin
NCL2-1235H12 F / 27 cm5Origin
NCL2-1435H14 F / 28 cm5Origin
Product CodeSize/LengthUnits/BoxStiffness
NCL2-0850HB8 F / 41 cm5Regular
NCL2-1050HB10 F / 41 cm5Regular
NCL2-1250HB12 F / 40 cm5Regular
NCL2-1450HB14 F / 40 cm5Regular

UreSil's Nephrostomy Kits

UreSil’s Nephrostomy Kits include items needed to perform a nephrostomy procedure. The kits are available in 8F through 10F diameters and include the following:


  • Catheter
  • Metal Cannula
  • Flexible Cannula
  • Septum Cap
  • Posi-Stick® Introducer Set with Radiopaque Tip (Coaxial 4F/6F dilator set with cannula)
  • 21 GA needle with Echogenic Tip
  • .018″, 70cm long Nitinol Guidewire with Floppy Radiopaque Tip
  • .038″, 150cm long Guidewire
  • 8F and 10F Dilators (10F kits also contain 12F Dilator)


Product CodeSize/LengthUnits/Box
NCL2-0835HB-K8 F / 28 cm5
NCL2-1035HB-K10 F / 28 cm5

Nephro-Stent™ Nephroureteral Stent Catheter with locking pigtail

  • In 2015, UreSil introduced the Nephroureteral Stent Catheter (NU) to its product portfolio.
  • This product was developed in conjunction with numerous IR Physicians and is intended to address the shortcomings of other NU stents on the market.
  • Its key features include an increase in the number of drain holes, a highly visible radiopaque (RO) marker, a smaller bladder pigtail, a rigid cannula and a flexible cannula with obturator to facilitate placement.
  • Every NU Stent Catheter includes the following; Catheter with RO Marker, Metal Cannula, full length Flexible Cannula with Obturator, Septum Cap and Hydrophilic Coating.
Product CodeSize/LengthUnits/BoxStiffness
NSL2-0822H8 F / 66 cm5Firm
NSL2-0824H8 F / 68 cm5Firm
NSL2-0826H8 F / 70 cm5Firm
NSL2-0828H8 F / 72 cm5Firm
NSL2-1022H10 F / 66 cm5Firm
NSL2-1024H10 F / 68 cm5Firm
NSL2-1026H10 F / 70 cm5Firm
NSL2-1028H10 F / 72 cm5Firm


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