Interventional Radiology Products


UreSil® is a leading global provider of innovative devices for the specialized field of interventional radiology. We manufacture an extensive line of drainage and specialty catheters including the GPTM and Mini-Pigtailâ general purpose, NEPHRO-CATHTM nephrostomy, CHOLE-CATHâ biliary, and ULTI-floâ large bore. We also produce accessory devices such as the Posi-Stick® catheter introducer, Tru-fix fixation device, Tru-Close® gravity bag and the TCS suction bag system. In addition, we are the exclusive manufacturer of the Tru-Close thoracic vent for the treatment of simple pneumothorax. Our products are manufactured in the United States and distributed worldwide through a network of domestic and international distributors.


Revision date: 03/31/2011

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