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Drainage Systems & Accessories

TRU-CLOSE® Drainage Systems & Accessories

Suction Bags

  • Compact and self contained system allows complete patient ambulation
  • Closed system design reduces the chance of cross contamination
  • Bag sizes 300ml, 500ml and 1000ml.

Gravity Bags

  • 20" or 36" tubing length
  • 600ml capacity
  • Soft and pliable for patient comfort


  • Aspiration/Flush adapter
  • Y connector for bilateral drainage
  • Funnel end connector tubing


POSI-STICK® Introducer

Introducer Sets

  • Provides for easy, accurate, non-traumatic over-the-guidewire catheter placement.
  • Features a 21 GA introducer needle with locking trocar, platinum-tipped .018" Nitinol guidewire, coaxial 4F-6F dilator introducer set with locking ring and platinum RO marker, and .038"(or .035") guidewire with floppy tip and "J" tip.

One-Step ™ Introducer Set

  • Features a 5F flexible dilator with trocar and 100cm x 0.38" guidewire for quick and easy access for catheter placement.


UreSil® Tru-Fix ™ Catheter Fixation System

  • The system incorporates a silicone disk, locking collar (nylon) and transparent adhesive patch
  • The inherent friction of the silicone disk along with the polyurethane material in the catheter secures the catheter without occluding the lumen
  • Transparent tape allows the caregiver the ability to monitor the skin condition
  • The dressing can be easily changed without disturbing the wound site or dislodging the catheter
  • Universal design that can be used on any brand of catheter




Revision date: 03/31/2011

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