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  • For treatment of spontaneous, traumatic, or iatrogenic simple pneumothorax
  • The self-contained vent allows patients complete ambulation during resolution
  • All the components necessary for immediate insertion and evacuation are contained in the procedure tray
  • The syringe-activated drain port allows aspiration of small amounts of fluid

Pneumothorax Products

TRU-CLOSE® Thoracic Vent


The red signal diaphragm deflects upwards when the catheter tip enters the pleural space. It then continues to fluctuate with respiration as the intrapleural pressure varies from > +2mm Hg to <-2mm Hg.

When the signal diaphragm stays in the down position and the patient is asymptomatic the pneumothorax may be resolved.


Over-the-wire inserction using optional

Insertion Cannula (for TV11-13)

Quick and easy insertion using

trocar and red signal diaphragm.

Double-valved aspiration cannula allows

immediate manual air evacuation.

Allows easy attachment to a

suitable suction system. 

Procedure Tray contains:

  • Thoracic vent 
  • Trocar
  • Aspiration cannula
  • Suction tubing set
  • 60cc syringe
  • 3cc syringe
  • Safety needle, 25G x 5/8"
  • Safety needle, 22G x 1 1/2"
  • Scalpel
  • Halstead Forceps
  • Gauze sponges (2)
  • Fenestrated drape
  • CSR wrap
  • Occlusion Plug

TRU-CLOSE Thoracic Vent Procedure Tray

Product Codes   Cath. O.D. (Fr.) Cath. Length (cm)
TV11-10   11 10
TV11-13   11 13
TV13-10   13 10
TV13-13   13 13

Over-the-Wire Insertion Cannula for TV11-13

Code Units/box
OTW11-13 5

Suction Tubing Set

Code Units/box

Occlusion Plug

Code Units/box


Revision date: 09/20/2011

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