Fall and Winter Plans Abound at UreSil
As we head into the holidays at UreSil, we wanted to thank everyone for their contributions in making this year another year of record-setting growth. We are getting ready to launch some new devices at the beginning of next year including an exciting new centesis tray that will premiere at SIR in beautiful downtown Austin.
Also, we have been receiving bottles from hospitals that were manufactured by other competitors that are not filling to a full 1,000 ml because hospitals are confused as to whose bottles they are using since the color schemes are similar to ours. This is concerning for us as our bottles generally fill beyond 1,000 ml unless the suction has been triggered already during shipping. So, for us to avoid being confused with other devices, UreSil will be changing the top colors from green to blue beginning early next year. This will help you to ensure that you receive only the highest quality UreSil bottles for your cases.
UreSil continues to provide the highest quality drainage catheters, simple pneumothorax devices, centesis devices, kits and drainage bags throughout the world. We cordially invite you to try our products and see for yourself why we are expanding at such an astounding rate.