In our first blog, it seemed an appropriate time to write about our next trade show and this is an exciting one for us. In July, 2018, UreSil is heading to the HTU Conference for HealthTrust in Nashville, TN to exhibit our latest devices and our most contract driven devices as well. Some of the favorites include Evolution Bottles, Thora-Vent and Origin Drainage Catheters.
We are thrilled with what we have done with Evolution so far this year in HealthTrust and HCA Healthcare accounts across the country. For those of you that don’t know, Evolution is a 1,000 ml evacuated drainage bottle that is made of plastic and it has been, from what I am told, a life saver for many hospitals in America. The prior glass evac bottles have perpetually been on backorder and this was a great opportunity for us to step up and fill a clinical need, especially with Hurricane Irma causing so much damage to where many of those came from in Puerto Rico. This truly was a fortuitous turn of events as we are now selling thousands of units per day throughout the country and have recently completed a dedicated production line that will allow for capacities to reach the capability to provide a consistent supply for the entire world demand for these devices. As you may or may not be aware, these are used in Centesis Procedures such as paracentesis and thoracentesis and in some paracentesis procedures, sometime they can need up to ten one liter bottles to drain the fluid build-up on one patient. Not being able to do that or being forced to use wall suction can create significant delays in the amount of time needed to provide care for these patients. UreSil was happy to be able to help.
Another big hit at the HTU Conference every year is our Thora-Vent device for treating simple pneumothorax, or collapsed lung without the presence of blood. These devices are a standard of care in many hospitals as, traditionally, a patient would require a surgical procedure to insert a chest tube which would result in being bedridden for at least a couple of days and this procedure comes with a significant amount of infection risk. In many cases, this procedure is necessary, however, for simple pneumos, Thora-Vent is a much better option. Thora-Vent offers better ambulation, faster results and is minimally invasive. So much so, that it can even be placed in the patient over a guidewire utilizing the Seldinger Technique. The most impressive part of the device is that it was a red signal diaphragm on the top that indicates when an air leak is present and also indicates when the pneumothorax is resolved. We have witnessed some hospitals placing these devices and sending patients home to self-monitor in order to eliminate an admission, reduce infection risk and significantly improve QOL. The US Navy even put these on every vessel in order to reduce down time for their sailors and to get them back to their duties faster.
Finally, we are excited to share, again this year, our Origin Drainage Catheters with everyone at the conference. In our opinion, these are the most technologically advanced drainage catheters on the market today in that they are simple to use, provide maximum patency and have external depth marks to assist in monitoring placement visually. A significantly added benefit is that we manufacture these in such high volumes due to high worldwide demand, that we are able to save most hospitals up to 30% over any other catheter they can find that actually works… It is no secret why Origin has been such a widespread hit with the healthcare community. The bulk of Origin Catheters come in All-Purpose or General Purpose, Nephrostomy, Biliary, Mini-Pigtail or Short Mini-Pigtails for smaller patients.
Needless to say that we will be busy with even just this small cross-section of our offering in July and are very much looking forward to HTU Conference with so many partner companies also exhibiting and getting to see so many friends in one place. July should prove to be yet another terrific month here at UreSil.